Code of Ethics for Research @ Arts & Science College, Pulgaon

 Code of Ethics:  

The Research Development Committee with the teaching staff, are responsible for promoting and endorsing a transparent academic environment encouraging to the application of the high professional and ethical criteria of good practice for academic research. Though the Institution is not recognised Research Centre and does not published any Research Journal, it strictly adheres research code of ethics in terms of publication of 'ASC Faculty Research Book' from the session 2016-17. It has been also proposed by the IQAC to publish Research Journal extending ASC Faculty Research Book to all the other faculties in recent future. The faculties publishing their Research Articles/Papers strictly follow publication guidelines and ethics of the respective publication agency. Besides, faculties monitor Research Articles, Papers, Projects and Assignments of PG students and strictly follow these codes of ethics.

The institution has started code of ethics to check the malpractices and plagiarism in research at local level manually by way of trust in promoting a moral research activity amongst the faculties as the institution does not have plagiarism detecting software.

 The codes of ethics for Research are as-
The college obeys to follow the code of ethics for research, seminar and projects work
It clearly forbids plagiarism to all faculties.
Strictly discourage dishonest and unethical practices in research work.
Faculty should be responsible for ensuring original research work.
Educational integrity should be ensured in the research work.

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